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Welcome to the Hudson Co-op!
The largest fuel buying group in the US.
"We Are All In It Together!"

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We have partnered with Galway Co-Op, Ferrellgas, Neri Oil, County Waste, Galway Roofing, Fish House Hearth & Stove,, Galway Builders & Remodeling,, BJ's and more for exclusive discounted pricing on their products and services. We are very happy that you are interested in joining over 15,000 members of the Galway Co-op with over 7,000,000 gallons of negotiating power. Our collective goal is to provide Co-op members with an exclusive discount price program for various products and services. We hope that you join our group and continue to be a member for many years to come.

Propane members, when you fill out the membership application and send it in with your $35.00 membership fee (click here to Join Now), someone from the Ferrellgas staff (800 437-4856) will be contacting you within the next few days to discuss billing and delivery options. Once that is completed an appointment to come out to your property will be set. A pressure check will be performed at that time to ensure there are no leaks. This service is free of charge. If you are using tanks that belong to another company, we will disconnect those tanks, set them aside and install our tanks, free of charge. And of course, we also offer 24 hour emergency service.

REFERRAL BONUS. We value your commitment to our effort, so Ferrellgas is offering you $50.00 each time you refer a new residential or commercial propane customer to them. It's their way of saying 'thank you" for becoming a member and letting your friends, neighbors and family know how they can save on their fuel costs (refer someone & benefit by clicking the 'Propane Referral Program' link).


Free lease* or Purchase

*Tank rental is free to any member who uses more then 200 gallons in a calendar year.

Fuel Oil Members, (heating oil) when you fill out the membership application and send it in with your $35.00 membership fee (click here to Join Now), someone from the oil distributors staff will be contacting you within the next few days to discuss billing and delivery options.

Trash Removal members, if you are a Co-op member and are in the County Waste service area, you are entitled to the Co-op discount. Email us with your name and service address and we'll arrange for your discount.

The Co-op yearly membership goes from June 1st to May 31st. To ensure your discount pricing, please remember to send your annual fee to Hudson LLC, P.O. Box 600, Galway, New York 12074. For more membership information, read our Join Now and Membership pages. We enjoy providing discount fuel & services to our members and look forward to continuing our relationship with you for many years to come!

Thank you again for choosing the Hudson LLC!


5/19/2016 - The Party's Over.

So here is what happens when you start a fuel co-op that attracts all the folks that are tired of being hosed by their fuel company and as a result you become the biggest fuel co-op in the US. Those same fuel companies then monitor our web site and facebook page so they can deal more effectively with the customers that are telling them that they're leaving them and going with..........yes, that's right.....the Hudson Co-op. In return, what we get is angry fuel distributors posting untruths, accusations, innuendos and threats on our facebook page and other internet sites. To ALL the fuel companies out there that got fat on the backs of their customers, the party seems to be over. We've taken on over 15,000 members in 9 years. If you think posting on our page is going to change things, you need a reality check.


Over the last year we're received calls from folks that don't understand the differences between the various fuel buying groups in the Capital Region. Although there are many differences we'll address the major ones. First, the Hudson Co-op sells propane for less than any other company. That is a fact. When you consider our competitors cost per gallon and additional charges it is clear that we sell to our members for less. Unlike other groups, we have not raised our margins since we started in 2006. We understand that some buying groups make claims about themselves that are unsupported and we find this very disappointing. Fuel buying groups are suppose to be honest and straight forward, but when they market their propane like a conventional propane company, using non truths and not disclosing the true pricing, they take away from the very principle that buyers want in a fuel company; transparency and honesty. Also, when a fuel buying group designs their company to resemble the Hudson Co-op's by putting Co-op in their ads and using the word Co-op to drive traffic to their web sites, and using our pricing grid on their web site, that is clearly deceptive. Although we marvel in the fact that some fuel buying groups want to be like us, the copycat approach has left some folks with the feeling they've been deceived. There have been cases where people have joined a buying group thinking they were joining the Hudson Co-op. Outside of these company's changing their business practices there is not much we can do to limit the confusion. So, we realize`many of our members refer folks to our group, ad we want to be sure they make their way to us. There is only one Hudson Co-op, the largest fuel buying group in the US and saving our members money got us there!


In 2006 our founder decided to do something about the way propane was sold and distributed in the Capital Region. Today with over 15,000 members we are the largest residential fuel buying group in the US. Why? Our pricing is based on real numbers. For instance, the propane spot price is the cost per gallon a fuel distributor pays when propane is bought at the Selkirk, New York terminal. The spot price can be seen 24/7 on our web site or facebook page. We were the first fuel company in the US to disclose this information. Our members cost per gallon is based on the spot price and their typical annual usage. Most of our members use between 700-1,500 gallons annually and lease their tank. In this case the member would pay .85 cents over the spot price. If they own their tank their cost would be .55 cents over the spot price. For more pricing info go to Our members cost above the spot price has not changed since we started in 2006. We don't think any other propane company can make that statement.

6/12/2015 - Propane Tanks

We sell and install more propane tanks than any distributor in the Capital Region, See if owning your own tank is right for you.

6/4/2015 - RENEWALS

We are extending the due date for renewals to July 1st.

5/19/2015 - Renewals

Last month we emailed renewals to our members. We will also be mailing renewals via US mail to the members who have not responded. Because of our delay, renewals will be due by July 1st.

3/23/2015 - Renewals

Please keep in mind that renewals are due by June 1, 2015. This can be done online by going to the online renewal form, or you can print out your renewal form and send it in with your $35.00 renewal fee. Thank you.


A safety/efficiency inspection on your heating/ac system can not only save you money, it can save your life. HVAC companies charge as much as $250.00 for this service. Co-op members get it FREE. Call for yours 882-5445.


Click here to see a copy of the article written about the Galway Co-op!

1/26/2015 - Update

We have negotiated a new contract for the delivery of propane to our members. Ferrellgas will once again be our supplier. The contract will run for five (5) years. The terms of the contract remains the same. See for more information.

There are several factors that needed to be considered prior to entering into a third contract with Ferrellgas, Service, customer support, and of course, pricing. We have been with Ferrellgas for about six years now. For those members who were with us when the Co-op was first formed, you remember we faced a difficult decision about a year into our contract with Heritage Propane. They wanted to up our propane and delivery cost. At that time we only had about 180 members. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it was clear we needed to move on. We decided to go with Ferrellgas. The commercial account manager, Mike O’Brien and general manager Doug Muha did a fine job of convincing us that our 180 members and future members would be in good hands. We were given better pricing than we had, and a larger marketing area. Switching our 180 propane tanks was challenging, and at times it caused tension between us and Ferrellgas. But in the end, we took the boxing gloves off, shook hands and really went to work. Millions of gallons of propane and 10 thousand members later we signed on the dotted line once again. Trust, and a mutual understanding that the deal has to work for both parties is what makes far a good partnership - I think we have that and more. Since we've partnered with Ferrellgas our membership has grown tremendously. So much so that we have earned the distinction as the largest residential fuel buying group in the US. Our thanks to Doug, and especially Mike, who never gave up, and our thanks to Ferrellgas who in 2006 had enough trust and confidence in us to realize we could do what has never been done before.

Our fuel oil membership has also grown tremendously, so much so that we believe there is a need for more trucks and drivers so we can accommodate more potential members in areas we currently do not have fuel oil coverage. We are exploring several options including buying our own trucks and hiring our own drivers.

Our offices and showroom at 6049 Fish House Rd in Galway is close to being completed. The showroom will showcase the finest fireplaces, wood, gas and pellet stoves made. We will also offer premium wood pellets at reduced pricing.

We formed a while back and it's been a huge success! "Remodeling, windows, doors, siding and flooring done right, or it's free." That's how good we are.

Roofing Lastly, we started our roofing division over a year ago. So many people have saved so much money using this service. Commercial or residential, "Nobody does it better, or for less."

We’re going to get bigger and we’re going to get better because we understand, “we’re all in it together.”

10/15/2014 - NYS Attorney General's Eric Schneiderman recognizes the Galway Co-op

10/1/2014 - We Love Dogs!
If you have a four-legged friend, we want to post their pictures on our web site! We love dogs just as much as you, and for everyone of our members that sends us a pic, we'll send you a Galway Co-op coffee mug or shot glass. Let's see what you got!

Send us your pup pic now!

9/22/2014 - Our Offices and Showroom
Unfortunately, I have to report that we will not have wood pellets this month as we had planned. I know many members were counting on us to save them some money. We have been trying to get the proper approvals from the Town Of Galway concerning our offices and showroom at 6049 Fish House Rd. We are no further along with this process than we were when we started it 5 months ago. We will keep you informed as things hopfully progress.

As a record number of Suburban Propane customers leave Suburban to become Galway Co-op members, we have received a fair amount of phone calls from folks telling us that Suburban had told them that our fuel supplier (Ferrellgas) ran out of propane last winter. One of the things that has always bothered us about the propane industry is the ridiculous rumors, accusations and innuendos that some propane distributors subscribe to in an futile attempt to keep customers from leaving them. Not only is this business practice unethical, more importantly it adds to the dislike that many people have for an industry plagued with complaints. I understand how frustrating it must be when a business that used to have a strong share of the market finds itself not able to compete, but that does not justify spreading lies about your competitors. Ferrellgas is one of the largest propane distributors in North America. The Galway Co-op is the largest fuel co-op in the United States. We have plenty of propane and we sell it for less - that's the truth.

8/5/2014 - Record Number of New Members!
Over the last few weeks we have received twice the amount of new member setup forms than in the history of our Co-op. Most of those joining have expressed dissatisfaction with their current supplier in the way of pricing and business practices. 85% of those folks have joined us because they were referred by excising Co-op members. There is no better form of advertising than word of mouth. We are the largest fuel Co-op in the United States. "We are all in it together!"

6/27/2014 - Changes to County Waste Billing
County Waste customers please note a change in your billing cycle. County Waste has switched to quarterly billing, so your bills will now reflect charges for 3 months of service. The next invoice will appear in September, and include charges for 3 months (July, August, and September).

5/1/2014 - Saratoga Balloon Festival
The Galway Co-op is sponsoring the Saratoga Balloon Festival June 20th—22nd at the Saratoga Fair Grounds. We hope to see all our members there. It's going to be a good time!

4/7/2014 - Renewals
Please keep in mind that renewals are due by June 1, 2014. This can be done online by going to the online renewal form, or you can print out your renewal form and send it in with your $35.00 renewal fee. Thank you.

It’s hard to comprehend that there are folks out there that are paying so much more for fuel then we do. They look at their invoices constantly, and watch it happening right in front of their eyes. They argue with their fuel distributor every heating season about what they're being charged. They threaten to join our group if they don’t get better fuel pricing but, they never do. Help your neighbors, friends, and family get off the heating "fuel merry-go-round." Bring them to our group and they’ll be happy you did.

3/12/2014 - Seasoned Firewood
All really nice hardwood. $285.00 per cord. Pick up, while it lasts. Delivery is also available. Please call 518-882-5445 for details.

Because of the over-demand for propane this heating season, we have decided to focus on propane delivery to our current members and set aside new membership until March of this year. Any new membership forms we receive from this day forward will be addressed in their respective order around or before the end of March. Thank you for your patience and understanding to this matter.

1/23/2014 - Propane Demand is Exceeding Delivering Capabilities!

1/14/2014 - Mirabito Energy Products (You be the judge)
At the beginning of December of this year we formed an agreement with Mirabito Energy Products who’s corporate offices are in Binghamton, New York ( and a local office in Rotterdam, New York. Although we have two great oil venders servicing our members, our membership goes beyond the territory they cover. Mirabito offered to supply Galway Co-op members in the all areas of the capital region. This partnership would have allowed us to reach out to those members in areas we were not currently servicing, and also give our members that are receiving fuel oil from our present venders a choice. One of the stipulations to our agreement with Mirabito was that the Galway Co-op was not to use Mirabito’s name in any advertisement. As a result, on our Facebook page we referred to them as “un-named supplier.”

Last Saturday we received a call from the general manager of the Rotterdam, New York office advising us that Mirabito would no longer take on anymore of our members. The reason given was this; Mirabito is also in the wholesale oil business. They sell oil to small oil companies. After numerous complaints from the smaller oil companies about Mirabito selling to our members at our agreed rate, Mirabito decided to pull the plug, effectively breaching our agreement. Some would ague this was price fixing.

First, to me this is a lot like the tail wagging the dog. Especially when you consider there is more profit in retail then in wholesale. Secondly, what Mirabito showed the oil companies that were complaining is, if you cry loud enough and threaten to do business elsewhere, Mirabito will cave in. Lastly, what they have showed us is that their agreements mean nothing.

Many may think that we’ll never get 100% oil delivery coverage at rates that are acceptable. But I’ll tell you this, we will continue to search out that company. And if in time it becomes clear that we may not find it, then the next oil truck that pulls in front of your house will say, Galway Fuel Co-op.”

1/8/2014 - Check your Gages!
The heating season started early and it's been unusually cold. This has put a strain on Ferrellgas's delivery system. Other propane companies are reporting the same problem. The good news is Ferrellgas has sent 10 additional delivery trucks and drivers to eliminate the backlog. In the meantime it is important for you to check the gages on your tank, even if you're on an automatic delivery. We will be calling all members that are listed as seniors to see if they need assistance in doing so. This should be resolved in a few weeks.

12/23/2013 - IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR!
We have had a great year. Once again we have grown at a rate that is unsurpassed in the fuel service industry. With this kind of growth comes growing pains. In our case, these pains came from a stressed fuel delivery system. Any business will tell you this is a good problem to have. The good news is the CEO of Ferrellgas recognizes the need for more drivers and has allocated 10 additional drivers to get us our propane on time. This underscores the strength of our group and clearly shows that our partnership with Ferrellgas is a strong one. We have added a third fuel oil supplier that will cover Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady, Schoharie, Fulton, Montgomery and Hamilton counties with premium #2 fuel oil for 45¢over the spot price. Residents in Warren county are encouraged to call us with any interest they have in being serviced.

Our new building on Route 29 in Galway is coming along. The office, which is the smallest part of the building, will be completed soon. The rest will be tackled in the spring. In addition to selling propane tanks, our heating and cooling division will be housed there also. We are also considering a wood stove and fireplace showroom, but have not yet decided.

Through the last years challenges I've learned that the majority of our members are very committed to our group. 94% of the folks that join us are referrals from existing members. 67% of the folks that leave us come back within two years.—I think this says a lot.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

12/14/2013 - NEW FUEL OIL DISTRIBUTOR (Covering the greater capital region)
Dear member,

As you may know, for the last several heating seasons we have contracted J&R Fuels in Ballston Spa, New York to deliver fuel oil to some of our members. Because of safety issues, and other concerns, we had to terminate our partnership with them. Up until today there has been a void in the fuel oil territory we normally cover. Our new distributor will be servicing the greater capital region, which includes the north country, with premium #2 fuel oil to members in good standing for 45¢ over the spot price. Our contract with them is for several years, with an option to renew. Please feel free to contact them at 518-357-2580, or us at 518-882-5445. Thank you.

05/16/2013 - SIGNS
We want to thank the members who have placed our roadside signs around their neighborhoods. It is important to make sure that the municipality allows signage before hanging or planting a sign anywhere. Thank you.

05/06/2013 - "We're All in it Together!"
Last week, three people called and asked how we're able to offer such low prices. I thought it would be worth explaining. In the case of publicly held propane companies, they need to make their stockholders happy. With privately held propane companies, they need to make their families happy. Money makes them all happy. Money makes our members happy also… So, simply put, “we're not in business to make a lot of money, we're in business to save our members a lot of money.” Remember, “we're all in it together.”

04/29/2013 - J &R Welding Supply and J&R Fuel Supply Company
As some members are aware, in the past we have sub-contracted propane tank installs to J&R Fuels and J&R Welding, located on Route 50 in Ballston Spa. It has come to our attention that a number of installs were not done correctly. More impotently, some members have informed us that some tank installations by J&R did not meet the New York State Department of Transportation's safety rules and regulations. Further, we have been advised by members that the equipment that appeared on some of J&R's tank installation estimates was never installed by J&R, despite them having been paid for it. In an effort to resolve these matters, we requested that J&R Welding Supply and J&R Fuel Company refund the money for the parts and associated labor time that they allegedly wrongfully collected, but, through a law firm representing J&R Welding Supply and J&R Fuel Company, they have denied any wrong doing. We asked that they forward us copies of their records relating to the tank installs so we could compare them with ours, but, they refused to forward them. As a result we have held back several of their invoices until there is a resolution.

We have been cautioned by the law firm representing J&R Welding Supply and J&R Fuel Company to not make disparaging remarks about their client. We advised the firm that we had a right to speak the truth and we would only advise our members of the circumstances as we know them and echo any remarks that were made by members. It appears that we are going to be litigating the matter. As things start to progress, we will keep you informed by posting all documents on our web site under the tab that reads "Pandora's Box."

I'm sure you all will be glad to know that the Co-op and Ferrellgas is now installing members tanks, and as in the past, we stand behind each install 100%.

04/16/2013 - Propane Tank Installations
Be advised that in the past we have sub-contracted our propane tank installs to J&R Fuel in Ballston Spa. J&R Fuel is no longer installing our tanks. If there are any issues regarding a tank that was installed by J&R Fuel, please contact us A.S.A.P. Our propane tanks are now being installed by Ferrellgas.

02/06/2013 - Save even more money on your trash collection through County Waste
The Co-op has worked out an even lower discounted rate on trash collection through County Waste.

Since we established our group in 2006, we have received countrywide attention because of what the propane industry calls our "unprecedented success." With over 6,000 folks joining our group in a 6 year period, plus over 3 million gallons of discount propane sold a year, and hundreds of thousands of gallons of discount premium fuel oil sold as well, this makes us the largest discount fuel group in the United States. As a result of our success, we receive calls from folks all over the country, and beyond that, want to start their own fuel group. Many groups that started in the last several years first sought our guidance, and others simply copied what they could see of our business model. Understanding that imitation is the ultimate form of flattery, we accept this compliment with some reservation, because imitation can be a double edge sword. If a start-up group imitates us and is successful, that's great because it helps keep the fuel prices down. But, if they fail, and more often times they do than not, their members suffer because of this. This results in the successful groups being looked at with some skepticism.


Does the group offer a set rate for fuel? If so, is the price posted daily on a web site? How long is their price good for? Will they put it in writing?

Does the group have a contract with a recognized fuel distributor? How long is the contract good for? Are there terms in the contract that could change? Will they put how long the contract is good for, and any terms that may change, in writing?

Fuel shortages:
Will the company guarantee against fuel shortages? Will they put it in writing?

Are there fees associated with the set-up of their equipment and fuel delivery? Are there any other fees?

Track record:
Does the company have a proven track record? How many members do they have?

If the company is a start-up, does the owner/CEO have business experience? Does he/she have experience in the fuel industry? Is his/her resume available for your review?

In the event that the group fails, do they guarantee that the tanks and equipment will be removed for free? Will the remaining fuel be removed from the tanks at no charge to you? Will they put it in writing?

If there are multiple fuel groups in your area, what is the difference between the different groups?

Saving money on fuel can be easy and very rewarding, if you do your research first. Choose wisely.

09/14/2012 - PLEASE BE PATIENT
Every year during this time the number of folks joining our group is overwhelming. Some of the folks that join say they monitored and compared pricing for over a year before they switched. With this concentrated increase in membership brings a strain on Ferrellgas's propane installation team. These men are highly trained in the installation process, and they won't compromise safety as a speedy means to an end. If you have done your homework, you know that becoming a member is worth waiting. This is because we are the largest residential fuel buying group in the United States, and saving you money got us there.

05/20/2012 - Utica and Syracuse
Over the past few years you folks from the Utica and Syracuse areas have called us, talking about the price of propane and heating oil out your way. You say you want to do business with a company that respects your business. You say you want great service. You say you want transparency. But most of all, you want great pricing. You see the fuel prices we have posted and you ask why you can't get those prices. We have watched the fuel prices in Oneida and Onondaga counties over the past four years. And we agree that you are paying too much. We are currently taking on new members in the Herkimer County. So hold on, we're coming! We will keep you informed of our progress via this website, as it becomes available. In the meantime, feel free to email us at with any questions you may have.

And remember, while other fuel buying groups have come and gone, we have grown into the largest residential/commercial fuel buying group in the United States. And saving our members a lot of money got us there.

05/05/2012 - Wanted:
HEATING, PLUMBING, and COOLING professionals to service our 5,000 plus members. Interested parties must be highly experienced, very professional, and willing to work for less than the going rate. Email your letter of interest and relevant work experience to

04/20/2012 - Attention Business Owners!
Looking for a way to supplement your propane cost? Ferrellgas’s referral system is a great option! The Co-op offers our business members a convenient table membership display stand, which measures 6½” x 11”. This is a great way to expose your customers to the benefits of becoming a Co-op member, and in turn, generate revenue that will be applied to your propane account. The Co-op set-up form that your customer submits is coded with your business name and account number. When we receive a set-up form with your info on it, we will submit a referral request to Ferrellgas on your behalf. It’s an easy and effective cost-cutting measure for your business or home.

04/01/2012 - Open Enrollment for BJ&s
BJ&s is offering open enrollment to Co-op members April 1—April 15. For more information, please contact us at

03/25/2012 - Membership & Renewal
As many members are aware, June 1st is the beginning of the Co-op’s new year. Soon you will receive in the mail your renewal form requesting your $35.00 yearly membership fee. If you are 65 or older, or active military, heating with propane only please provide proof and we will wave your membership fee. Either way, it is important to point out that renewal forms that are received after June 1st will be assessed an additional $45.00 above the $35.00 membership fee. Please get your renewal in on time.

Considering the sale of four Paraco locations to Amerigas, it would be a great time to reach out to any former Paraco customer and explain the benefits of being a Co-op member. They will save money and you will receive a credit on your Ferrellgas account for each member you refer that joins. (Click Referral)

We want to thank all our members for the support they give every time they renew, and we want to give great thanks to all those members who have been with us since the beginning. Every year we get bigger and better. We were informed recently that we are one of Ferrellgas’s largest customers. And this heating season, despite a mild winter, we sold a record number of gallons of both propane and fuel oil. Our membership continues to climb at an unprecedented pace. We have added another fuel oil distributor to supply our members in areas that deeply needed discounted fuel oil pricing. Smith & Son’s Fuels has partnered with us and will offer premium #2 fuel oil at Co-op pricing. Click here to view their pricing and service area.
Many members have expressed a desire for us to offer more discounted products and services. We will soon start a campaign to recruit businesses to offer special discounts to members. If you know of a business that is looking to increase their volume and are willing to provide a respectable discount to achieve that, ask them to contact us. We have over 5000 members that would love to hear from them.

North Country
You folks in the North Country need to start looking at how much money can be saved by joining our group. Although many of you have joined us, there are way too many of you that are paying much more money then you should. It’s easier to save a dollar then to make a dollar. Compare and save.

Finally, we would like to wish all our members a great summer. And remember to visit our website often. You’ll be impressed with the new developments coming your way in the 2012-2013 year. Be well, and remember, we’re the Galway Co-op, and "We are all in it together."

03/22/2012 - Paraco sells 4 Locations to Amerigas
Four of Paraco's area locations have been sold to Amerigas. Two of the locations included in the sale are believed to be in Broadalbin and Warrensburg. Terms of the sale were not immediately known. Speculation is that the sale was a result of the Co-op's pressure on area fuel companies to lower their prices. Paraco may have found it difficult to operate at a lower profit level and as a result decided to stop marketing in those areas. Click here for the letters sent to customers concerning their sale.

The Co-op has interviewed many fuel oil distributors, who wished to service Co-op members. Over the past few years, we have learned a lot about fuel oil and its distribution. There was much to learn, but what stood out was that all #2 fuel oil is not of the same quality. There is inferior fuel oil being sold by area distributors under the guise of premium home heating oil. There is no law that requires an oil distributor to disclose the quality of their fuel. Many fuel oil users would be surprised to learn that even some well established fuel oil distributors purchase sub-standard fuel oil to resell. Some fuel oil distributors go as far as suggesting that their fuel oil has an additive that cleans your furnace as you use it.


Because sub-standard fuel oil is less pure than premium oil, you may detect an odor coming from your furnace. This odor typically is a result of poor combustion, due to impurities in the fuel oil. Not only is the odor unpleasant, it can be unhealthy. Furthermore, because of the level of impurities in the fuel oil, your furnace will not generate the BTU's it would with a superior fuel oil. You'll be burning more oil to get the same amount of heat that the superior heating oil would generate. Sub-standard fuel oil also creates more wear on your furnace reducing its service life.

When we interview a fuel oil distributor, we check the B.B.B. and the NYS Attorney's General Office for a record of complaints. We also verify the source of their fuel oil. We periodically do the same at different intervals of their contract with us.

03/02/2012 - AAA
Due to lack of usage of the program and in fairness to current members who are paying regular membership dues, AAA has cancelled its group membership discount program.

02/28/2012 - Sign Thieves
Unfortunately, the signs that we set in various areas are being stolen. In particular, we keep planting a sign at the Price Chopper Plaza in Amsterdam and someone keeps stealing it. We had a member call with a description of the vehicle and a partial plate number, but that wasn't enough for the State Police to act on.

If you see anyone taking down one of our signs, please get their plate number and a description. You will not have to get anymore involved then that. Thank you.

01/30/2012 - Purchasing Power is the largest residential fuel buying group in the United States. We formed our group in 2006. Since then our growth rate has been unprecedented. Because of our purchasing power of over 3,000,000 gallons per year, we are able to assure members the lowest home fuel pricing and customer service unmatched in the industry. To compare your current fuel pricing with ours, click "Fuel Pricing" tab on our home page.

01/17/2012 - Watch Your Gauges!
Don't get caught in the cold. Propane will call members-Be sure to be watching your gauges and call Ferrellgas for a delivery when you are at 35%. A will call delivery can take up to 5-7 business days.

01/14/2012 - Fuel Oil Prices in the North Country
As many of our members are already aware, we are now offering premium #2 fuel oil in the North Country (see area map). Keeping with our philosophy of maintaining total transparency, we called all of the oil distributors that advertise in the Adirondack Journal and asked what their price per gallon was for 150 gallons of premium #2 fuel oil on that day. We noted the names of the companies and their prices and published them in the Adirondack Journal along with our price. The advertisement ran in the Adirondack Journal on November 18, 2011. The response was interesting. Many people called to question the prices. As a result we took on 32 new members. The most interesting call came from Mr. Dan Alexander, editor of the Adirondack Journal. Mr. Alexander stated he received several calls from several of the oil distributors whose pricing appeared in our advertisement and some had threatened to sue him. He questioned where we got the distributor’s prices and we explained. The end result is that Mr. Alexander will no longer allow us to make such comparisons in his paper. We report this news to you, not because we think that Mr. Alexander was wrong in his decision, but rather because of the way the oil distributors reacted. When they learned that their fuel oil prices were being posted in the newspaper for all to see, the fuel oil distributors could have reacted differently; they could have defended their pricing by using the old “Our prices are higher because our service is better than the rest”, or “Our prices are higher because we have an additive in our fuel oil that make it burn longer”. But we all know what they should do is lower their prices. We welcome out new members in the North Country. You're going to love the way we save you money.

Galway LLC

11/27/2011 - Call us 882-5445!
One of the biggest benefits of our membership is the discount pricing we have negotiated with our vendors and the level of service you are entitled to. If you feel that you're not getting what your membership entitles you to, we want to hear from you. Keep in mind, we are here to serve you. Our members, as a whole, are what allows us to continue bringing you deep discounts and great service.

11/27/2011 - New Propane Members, 3-4 Week Wait
The Co-op is currently processing 8-23 new customer set up forms per day. Every year around this time, folks are looking to lower the cost of heating their homes. As a consequence, the Co-op is flooded with applications from those looking to sign up and start saving money. The high influx of new members in a short period of time creates a waiting list of folks who need new tanks. If they own their own tank the process takes less time. Ferrellgas has added extra manpower to meet the demand. It may be a little inconvenient, but when it's over, you'll be glad you waited!

10/17/2011 - North Country Fuel Users
Many folks from Lake George to Lake Placid have called us now that our advertisements have appeared in their local papers. The question most often asked is, 'How come your prices are so much lower than the company I'm using? ' The primary focus of the Galway LLC is not to make money. Our primary focus is to save our members money. Although we arrange to have fuel distributed to our members, we are not a conventional fuel distributor. We do not mark up the profit as much as a conventional fuel distributor. Also, because of our buying power we get pricing that is lower than the conventional fuel distributor. The accumulated savings is passed on to our members. The Co-op does generate some revenue, and a portion of it goes to local food pantries, Breast Cancer Awareness, and the fight against Autism.

10/17/2011 - Propane Referral Program
If you are not taking advantage of the Propane Referral Program, you're missing out! By simply telling your family, friends, and co-worker how much money you've saved by joining the Co-op, you can reduce your yearly propane cost even more. Click the Propane Referral Program tab on our home page to read what some of our members have to say about the program.

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